Peace be with you

Peace be with you.


The resurrection greeting

on the lips of the risen one,

brings, at best, a disturbing reassurance

to a lost people.

These confused ones thought

that they had known where they were headed.

They had been followers of one

destined for greatness;

accepted wisdom held that they would

share in at least a small corner

of his glorious destiny.

It was not to be;

the master’s great journey

was cruelly cut short,

after having been diverted

down a Jerusalem cul-de-sac..

His followers had been left to find

their own sad way home

to pick up what remained of their lives.

They had not got far.

Fear and bewilderment

had achieved what hope could not

and held them together grieving;

long enough, at least, for the surprise

reappearance of their master

who outrageously suggested

that the journey must continue.

Peace be with you.


© Ken Rookes

An older poem that might be useful


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