Tell it not in Gath

2 Samuel 1:17-27


The stories are messy and convoluted:

the struggles between David and King Saul;

further complicated by the deep love

that David shares with the son of his rival.

Jonathan, hero, and great leader in his own right,

would have been a match for David,

but it never came to that.

Jonathan dies, a death with honour,

alongside his father and two brothers

in battle with the Philistines,

and David is left to weep.

How he weeps! In all of the scriptures

is there a cry of deeper anguish,

a lament that speaks of a darker place,

a tearing of love’s loss more agonised

than that of David

as he mourns for his beloved Jonathan?

There is no embarrasment in love

as the soon-to-be-anointed king

declares of his friend:

your love to me was wonderful,

passing the love of women.


© Ken Rookes


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