I am the bread of life

The ‘I am’ affirmations

roll splendidly from the tongue of John’s Christ

as beautiful poems speaking faith’s truth

more profound than history.

Mark and his synoptic mates

depict a more modest earthly Jesus

backing away from over-reaching claims.

But we exult in them,

eating at our risen Lord’s table,

dining on his life.

He is our true vine;

his sap our vitality,

trunk to our branches.

He is our good shepherd;

gathering his startled flock

with his word of generous love.

He is our way of truth and life;

the one in whom we find reality

just when we had thought that all was false .

He is our light;

a flame flickering defiantly in darkness

to become hope for us sinners

and all who are also lost.

He is our gate,

the one through whom we enter

an unexpected world of grace

He is our resurrection,

the risen bread

through whom we also live.


Ken Rookes


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