handsome prince of Israel

with flowing locks of hair

and self-opinion to match;

bides his time as he plots revenge

for the rape of his sister.

After murdering his half brother,

the perpetrator of the crime,

he endures with satisfaction his exile,

knowing that this, too, will pass.

When his father,

(the weak old man,

he does not deserve to be king),

when his father finally welcomes him home,

he patiently conspires,

inching towards the day

that he will make his own.

Inverting the hourglass

to effect the capture of the crown,

the prince stumbles in its shifting sand.

Caught mid-flight,

suspended by his ego,

he waits once more as his enemies

advance with spear and sword;

to pierce his body

and shatter his father’s heart.


Ken Rookes


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