Who will be the greatest?

Every four years

the Christians put aside

their differences to gather

at the Discipleship Olympics.

There they contend with each other

to determine who is the greatest.

The rivalry is fierce,

with acolytes punishing their bodies

and exercising their minds for many years

even to prove worthy of selection.

After days of contesting, measuring,

personal-best scores, fingernail finishes

and acts of heroism and sacrifice;

after countless stories of love,

devotion, triumph over adversity,

courage, heartache and disappointment,

winners are declared.

Flagpoles are readied, anthems are cued

and the victorious ones are called

to stand behind the podium

and await the invitation to ascend.

Before they can do so,

a group of children,

playful, unkempt and disorderly,

is herded before them.

The medals are presented

to the children, who play with them,

laugh, and take turns

in having their pictures taken.


© Ken Rookes 2012


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