A capable wife who can find?

Proverbs 31:10

Hmmm. I think we need a better title than this.


A true partnership is worth the effort

A true partnership is worth the effort,

it is more precious than water.

Hearts that trust, and look to amend themselves,

not the other. Connection,

not perfection is not their goal.

They employ the warm touchings

of various states of nakedness.

as they work in tandem to create a future

of surprise and delight.

They strive to shape a hopeful world of peace

to honour the love that they are making.

They are unafraid of uncertainty, or of poverty;

they care not for riches;

for each has received the gift of the other.

It is more than enough.

When they struggle, it is together.

They sacrifice without keeping score

and count it a privilege for the sake of love.

Forgiveness and generosity become the mortar

for the joining of their lives,

and they live with celebration,

gratitude and faith.


© Ken Rookes


One thought on “A capable wife who can find?

  1. I read then reread two more times, maybe my brain does not work so well at midnight. My final reading made me come to the conclusion I totally agree with the sentiment, all thay is missing is someone with whom I may share this belief (smile)

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