We socialists

Growing up in the sixties
with Dylan, Lennon and Buffy Saint-Marie,
I also listened to the songs of Jesus.
He sang of freedom,
had compassion for outsiders,
and regularly warned
against the dangers of riches.
Identifying with those who struggle
and yearning for the revolution
that was surely coming,
I abandoned the politics of my parents
and took a sharp turn to the left.

The revolution never quite happened.
The powers of Capital and Wealth,
manifesting themselves in the persons of
Fear and Greed, seem to have God’s measure.
They continue to hold much of the planet
in their thrall; in spite of serial betrayals
we still vote for them. Constantly anxious
that their supremacy might be challenged,
they take every opportunity
to use their abundant resources
to discredit, ridicule and revile their opponents;
lest civilization as we know it, be lost for good.

A world shaped by justice, generosity,
peace and compassion, may yet happen;
and without the violence and destruction
of bloody revolution. Such a miracle
will require many fearful dragons to be slain,
multiple tyrants to be opposed,
and manifold evils to be confronted
before the people can be truly free.
Together we can stand strong,
together we can make it happen; one day.
Roll on, Jesus’ gentle, (and costly),
revolution of love.

I still call myself a socialist,
and refuse to apologise.


© Ken Rookes 2012


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