Life Imaged

The figures pause
in disciplined holdings,
generous in their nakedness.
With trust, vulnerable for the sake of beauty,
the giving-ones surrender their modesty
as the robe’s conventional bindings are laid aside;
and they are clothed only
in the transparent drapery of dignity’s gauze.
Shadows and lightings dance together
giving shape to shoulder, thigh,
nipple, knee and eye.
They challenge the artist
to grasp the offered parcel of moments,
and, with charcoal, chalk and brush,
to create a something
that will honour the gift;
a something image that might sing
in celebration and pulsate with truth.
Skilfully assembling curved line,
tone, space and well-practiced proportion,
the worker in colour and canvas
takes hold of the wondrous light,
gratefully weighs it with her fingers,
and dreams an abundance of refractings.
Wiping these crimsonly
with joyous strokes across her easel,
she shapes them into stories of life and love;
and invites the viewers
to open their eyes and enter.

© Ken Rookes 2012

Amber heads up our life drawing group. Her exhibition opens next Friday, and I told her I’d write a poem for it.


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