Beware that no one leads you astray.

The first thing they will do
is try to make you doubt
yourself and your calling.
They will ask you questions;
make it seem that there is one set
of correct answers,
and that these are all-important,
mistakes will be penalised
and your relationship to eternal life
will be at risk should you fail to make the grade.
They are wrong.
Faithfulness is not about getting a pass
on an orthodoxy exam,
but the way that you hear
the commandment to love,
and how that idea takes form and flesh,
flowing through your waking hours
to give shape to your deeds,
your words and your thoughts.
One thing, this thing
we are expected to get right;
everything else is grace.
If they try to tell you otherwise
don’t believe them;
laugh in their faces.

© Ken Rookes

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