When Jesus was baptised

They say that when Jesus was baptized,
the heavens opened,
and the Holy Spirit, however she is conceived,
flew between the realms
hitherto designated as either divine or human.
At this moment the previously exclusive distinction
began to fade and dissolve into an irrelevance,
that, millennia later, continues to disturb and frighten.
Then, by all accounts, celestial dove-like descending flutterances
became enmeshed with the swirling uncertainties
of earth’s dust;
beginning with the man from Nazareth.
Amidst the resigned dreariness of mortal fears and struggles,
he began to live flashes of love and other-worldly light
that caused many to gasp.
Some drew breath deeply with joyous hope and wonder,
released their dreams,
and went searching for the teacher so they might hear more.
Others groaned with fear, and shook.
Seeking only that he should go away, they resolved
to build their walls higher and their vaults stronger.
But the divine affirmation of this beloved son
was already spoken,
and the thing would not be undone.

 © Ken Rookes 2013


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