The dogs of Willowra

The dogs of Willowra are without pedigree
and conform to no ideal size, shape, or colour,
They patter about in happy groups,
wandering freely; at home with both heat
and societal informality.
Now and again, a particularly clever
or dexterous dog finds its way into the schoolyard,
not understanding that such trespass never has been
and never will be permitted.
The delinquent canine is unfailingly gathered in
and escorted back to the gate,
where it is dismissed with the explanation,
that, despite the welcoming children,
this is a forbidden place.
The creature invariably accepts the ruling,
gives one of those doggish grins,
and lopes off.
This lesson is certain to be conveniently forgotten
when the next illegal opportunity arises.
The Willowra dogs are happy beasts;
they do not judge their masters,
and their masters do not judge them. 

© Ken Rookes 2013

Willowra is a remote Warlpiri community, about 350 km north-west of Alice Springs, in Central Australia 

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