Let’s party!

I have often reflected
upon the arrogance of youth,
having been one, once.
We thought we’d live forever,
that old people didn’t understand,
that the comfort we took for granted
would be delivered,
cargo-cult like,
by a world that recognised our cleverness
and rewarded us accordingly.
We thought the party would never end.
I can empathise with the son in the story;
blessed with a wealthy but frugal father,
he probably wondered when the party would begin.
His seriously self-righteous older brother
had been no help in that department.
With audacious and heart-breaking boldness
the younger son acts to claim his share,
and heads abroad where the party can proceed
with none to call him to account.
The party, sadly, does not prove perpetual.
The calf continues to fatten
while the boy’s father waits;
his own celebration held in abeyance.
His brother might still be waiting.
© Ken Rookes


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