Fake blood Jesus

Jesus died a cruel and brutal death.
We all know that. Crucifixion,
as a means of execution,
was not chosen for its humane qualities
but for its effectiveness. An innocent man
dies a painful death. He was not alone.
Like people in many countries today,
no less innocent of the crimes
of which they have been accused;
arbitrary victims of policies of oppression,
or simply to increase the reign of fear
among the populace.

In processions and shopping centres,
at this time of the year we see them;
fake red blood dripping abundantly
from earnest male bodies.
Surrounded by like-minded supporters,
they plod towards their imagined Calvary,
or excitedly ascend  their particular version
of a wooden cross.
Exploiting their captive audience,
they issue their “Easter” invitation to choose
between heaven and hell.
Is this what Easter is all about?

I would abandon my faith in an instant
if I thought it were so.
If Easter means anything, it surely
declares that those who have been touched
by resurrection’s power will not rest
until the brutal causes of Jesus death;
injustice, cruelty, fear, and wilful ignorance,
have been eliminated by love.
Let resurrection’s generosity, grace and self-giving
reign, and let questions of heaven and hell
be consigned to the same heap of irrelevance
as all the fake blood. 

© Ken Rookes


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