Resurrection Dance

Resurrection Dance
Waiting for the bridegroom

Waiting for redemption,
waiting for the sun
to rise up in the morning
shine warmth on everyone.
Shivering in the darkness
of the isolating night
longing for the mystery one
step forward into light.

Waiting for the gospel
the one that says good news:
the one that laughs into the dawn
embracing all the hues.
The rising sun is pregnant
with hope and expectation
The night is gone, the day has come
and now the celebration.

Waiting for the life-word
to put an end to war.
Love’s self-revealing mercy
shall even up the score.
The bitter thoughts are banished
along with cruel hate,
with harmony allowed to rule
let’s hope it’s not too late.

Waiting for our sisters,
here come the brothers too,
along with all the children
who know what they must do.
With open arms, and minds and hearts
they dance the night away.
They sing out loud and clap their hands;
the life is here to stay.

Waiting for the army
as it comes around the bend;
the ones who march for justice.
a kingdom without end.
They take commands from no one,
at least not here on earth.
Their general is the peaceful Prince
who gives the world its birth.

Waiting for the white dove
the Spirit soaring low,
to light the heart with wonder
and to burn inside the soul.
The promise long ago declared,
the hope from ages past:
fulfilled in resurrection’s breath
and resurrection’s gasp.

Waiting for the message
of peace for evermore,
with love’s consideration
released from heaven’s store.
God’s children work to make it real,
they know it won’t come cheaply;
that things worthwhile are worth the pain
of life that don’t run neatly.

Waiting for the truth-song
to be sung by all the people,
the truth-bells will be ringing
from every church and steeple.
Inside the heart, within the soul
the truth will burn so bright;
each one will strive to live by love,
each one will know what’s right.

Waiting for the Saviour,
the one they tried to kill,
the one they hanged upon a cross;
his hands are reaching still.
There was one surprise to come,
it surprises to this day.
Just when we thought that death had won,
Life has the final say.

Waiting for the risen one
who comes to wipe all tears,
to sing the song of joy and love
and drive away the fears.
He laughs with life, he scoffs at death,
he calls the faithful on:
Come, join the dance of risen life,
the journey and the song!

© Ken Rookes


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