A message for those who are frightened,

A message for those who are frightened,
worried, and wondering what on earth
God is doing. 

When hope has been pared back
until it is the thinnest of twig
and the powers, vile and uncaring
have captured almost everything that is good
or of beauty;
when sweetness cloys and overwhelms,
and relief may no longer be found;
when justice has become elusive,
truth, a refugee,
and compassion, never particularly popular,
has become decidedly unfashionable;
when fellowship fails,
loneliness wails, and prayer
is met with silence;
it is at times such as these
that these pictures dance with life.
The new Jerusalem with the Lamb
shining his glorious light upon the nations;
the river of the water of life,
springing from God’s throne
and flowing crystal clear through the city;
the tree of life with its healing leaves;
and the worship,
ah, the worship!

© Ken Rookes


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