Sermon poem with theology, hopefully relevant.

Can we say we believe in the resurrection
when we cling so tightly to earthly life?
Do we fully walk the paths of freedom
while sisters and brothers live in bondage?
When we are anxious about our possessions
are we truly worshipping
one who gave everything away?
If our focus remains narrow,
can we ever be captive to a vision of the kingdom?
Are not our creeds of the Triune God
anything but dry and dusty dogma
when we ignore Jesus’ call to be united?
If we trust in God’s transforming Spirit
can we fear that which is new?
While we resent generosity
shown to the undeserving,
can we be truly grateful
for the blessings that we have received?
If we fail to respect our neighbour,
can we claim to be truly grasped by divine love?
Can we say we serve the God
who enthusiastically befriends mortals,
and pretend that reconciliation is not our concern?
Suffering may demonstrate faithfulness
but does not prove it;
nor does prosperity.
If we claim that God is in our heart
God must also be in our clasping of another’s hand.
The gospel of grace, once it touches the soul,
must be sung, spoken and shouted
and danced through all of life.
© Ken Rookes


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