That they may all be one

Both Mark and Luke give us the story
of the disciples’ indignation
when they encounter the exorcist
who was not from their group,
but who cast out demons in Jesus’ name.
“No worries,” says Jesus.
“If they are not against us they must be for us.”
Something here for the sticklers,
the supra-orthodox and the creedal gatekeepers.
who insist that unity means thinking
and believing the same.
God, Jesus tells us, has no such concerns.
Heretics are welcome in God’s strange kingdom:
they are not to be shunned by the fearful,
whose preoccupation is to play it safe,
and thus, by their orthodoxy,
manage to guarantee themselves a place
in paradise. Whatever that means.
One thing,
and one thing only matters.
One thing that determines
whether we belong to Jesus’ group,
one thing that declares our unity
with all the rest of the heretics
who seek to be numbered among Jesus’ disciples;
simply that we love.
Recklessly indiscriminately,
and with generosity beyond imagining;
that we love.

© Ken Rookes


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