Does not Wisdom call?

Does not wisdom call,
and does not understanding raise her voice?
Proverbs 8:1

Divinity, in her infinite wisdom
gave to us mortal beings the capacity
for conceptual thought,
and for dreaming.
From among us have come Edison,
Einstein, Escher and Ernst;
creating, challenging, confronting:
the capacity to reason is a precious gift.
We build, we wrestle,
we imagine worlds within worlds,
we make beauty and we make peace.
There are dark thoughts, too,
opposing Wisdom and denying Truth;
such as these Divinity risks
for freedom’s sake, forever calling,
calling, with an invitation of light.
There are some who loudly declare
that they are servants of Divinity,
but who submit to fear.
Choosing the doubtful joys of Ignorance;
they sweep Reason aside,
along with Truth and Understanding.
Their’s is a retreat to security
and comfortable darkness,
where raucous slogans are embraced
fear and outrage cultivated,
and Wisdom’s call is reduced to a whisper.

© Ken Rookes





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