Some parting advice from an aged Elijah.

Yeah, it’s time.
Don’t know exactly when, or how,
but it will be soon.
You’ll be right. You’ve served well,
and you’ve been a good student.
A double share of my spirit?
That’s a big ask.
Tell you what,
if you see me as I go
I’ll see what I can arrange. Fair enough?
Some words of advice from an old man?
Watch out for foreign queens,
and their pathetic husbands.
No, seriously, just do what the Lord says,
and try to keep your head down.
Yeah, I know,
pretty ordinary advice for a prophet!
Would I do it all again?
Not a lot of choice in the matter,
for either of us. But yeah,
in spite of everything, I would.
There were times
I was scared out of my wits,
times I doubted whether all those
crazy words I had to speak
were really from the Lord.
But I didn’t dare take the chance
that they weren’t.
Grab hold of it, lad,
along with all the trouble!

© Ken Rookes


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