A handful of words


Where would we be
without a tough doctrine
of crime and punishment?
How could order and civilization
and polite society survive,
except that the wicked should receive
desserts that are just?
Thus fear is ensconced as the
handmaiden of justice;
do the wrong thing
and pay the price for your transgressions,
commit the crime and do the time.
Mercy, therefore,
is a risk;
a danger to good order and stability.
Too much mercy and they will assume
that they can get away with it next time;
(human nature being what it is).
So, just when we think
that we have it all worked out,
the Almighty, anthropomorphised
as a loving parent,
confounds his/her own logic
to wave the grace banner
with tender images and a handful of words:
I am God and not mortal,
I will not come in wrath.
© Ken Rookes


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