One step, another.

Travelling, one step; another.
Pause, glance around;
does anyone else seem to be heading
in the same direction?
Each new step
must bear the weight of a new decision,
an evaluation that balances
the original sense that someone or something
has called me out beyond
my comfortable self,
with the feeling of absurdity;
does the journey even exist in the first place.
The fist place, of course,
had been long taken
by one who saw his path through
to its difficult conclusion.
Travelling across
a sometimes bleak landscape,
dotted with random tracks
in search of a destination,
he proceeded to plant his own
intentional footprints of compassion.
Small illuminations
that point to the defiant possibilities
of pilgrimage.
Those who follow take heart
from their unexpected glowings
and are encouraged to add their own.
© Ken Rookes

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2 thoughts on “One step, another.

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