The journey

In the heat of the early excitement
at the journey’s beginning
the issue never arose.
Of course we are going,
there is no question,
no other way that we know. Stumbling, falling,
these are minor inconveniences. We raise ourselves up,
tend our bruises, and resume our course.
Three steps forward, two steps back.
The progress may be slow, it doesn’t matter.
The route is sometimes uncertain,
the obstacles formidable;
but there can be only one direction,
one destination.
At day’s end we pause,
reflecting with our comrades
and measuring how far we have come.
But sister moon has waxed and waned
many hundreds of times
since we began the journey.
We ask each other;
are we any closer than when we began?
Sometimes we waver, doubting,
and we look with half-envy
upon those who never thought to take that first step.
Then there is a something – a song, an image,
a word, a gesture; a divine touch
that brushes unexpectedly
and leads us to laugh or sigh or weep,
making us determined, once more,
to continue to the end.
© Ken Rookes

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2 thoughts on “The journey

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