Two masters

Surely Jesus was wrong
with his misconceived diatribes
against wealth and possessions.
He was making some heavy-handed points,
and we all understand that in the heat
of vigorous debate, one is prone
to exaggeration and hyperbole.
It’s not that possessions are wrong, per se;
it’s more that in the wrong hands,
(the self-centred and unenlightened),
the preoccupation with money and wealth
can be something of a distraction.
It doesn’t really apply to us;
we know how to deal with it.
I’m sure that if Jesus was here today
he would recognise the sheer necessity
of wise investments,
a solid superannuation plan,
and a dwelling that adequately reflects
the needs of modern living.
You and I would never let such matters
determine our priorities, or intrude
into our spiritual lives, would we?
No, I’m sure that Jesus wasn’t referring to us,
and that he was simply, at times, guilty
of a little overstatement.
A lot of times, actually.
© Ken Rookes

Another poem fopr Sunday can be found here.


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