The great Apostle
wasn’t much good at spin,
nor would he ever have been elected
to the position
had apostleship been subject to
democratic processes.
“Join me in suffering
for the gospel,” he writes
in a policy speech to his young acolyte;
seemingly oblivious to the oxymoron
that many good people see in that
brief invitation.
Yes, folks; that’s what discipleship
can do for you, too!
Out the window with that ‘prosperity’ stuff;
if you want a world of justice,
truth and love,
it looks like we’re in for the hard slog.
Not quite the good news we were expecting;
might as well vote for higher taxes,
while we’re at it.

© Ken Rookes 2013
More poems for next Sunday can be found here and here.

2 thoughts on “Invitation

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