Kyrie Eleison

Lamentations 1:1-6

Painting a forlorn landscape

with hopeless dirty greys, weeping browns

and shadows so persistent

that lamenting inhabitants are seen barely,

merely wide-eyes faintly visible in darkness,

fearful, indistinguishable from animals

cowering bewildered, not comprehending

what they might have done

to deserve such desolation.

So the painter prophet called Jeremiah

pours upon his parchment canvas

the bleak and bloody fulfilment

of the sins of a people.

Were he a contemporary artist

two and a half millennia later,

Jeremiah might use a similar palette

of dust and blood

to portray peoples

who share dark pain and bitterness.

In Afghanistan, North Africa, Iraq, Syria,*

and any of a score of nations

we find them,

reaping the cruel costs of fear

and the sins of the world.

In Australia, too, having sold compassion

for the price of cheap comfort,

we join Jeremiah’s pitiful queue,

desperately hoping for refuge

and a glimmer of grace.

Kyrie eleison.

*Insert your own current places of fear and terror.

© Ken Rookes
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