Not lose heart

Darkness and light flow in waves;
we oscillate between deep nothingness,
occasional blurry dimness,
waning cold full-moon shine,
the vision-challenging
defeated and fading glow of dusk,
and surprising stabs of radiant illumination
that break occasionally into the despair.
In the mystery of creation’s brilliant blast, truth,
and the justice which is ordained to attend truth,
were somehow encoded
into the DNA of the cosmos.
They may be seen intermittently,
borne sporadically upon luminous rays.
Thus, in countless stories,
imagined, told and written by every tribe,
culture and religion,
truth emerges from the shadows to triumph
and justice is seen to prevail.
Jesus, the story-teller from Nazareth,
also made up such tales,
including one wherein an otherwise
crooked and godless judge
was caused to grant unexpected justice
to a persistent widow.
In real life things are not so simple,
nor are righteous results guaranteed
amongst the many permutations of grey.
The poor continue to go hungry,
the innocent still languish in prison cells
cruel lies remain unchallenged
and wars go on being fought for reasons
which are seldom just or true.
Still we whisper among ourselves,
calling forth a strange and precious something
glowing defiantly through the gloom
with words of encouragement to the faithful:
“do not lose heart.”

© Ken Rookes 2010
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2 thoughts on “Not lose heart

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