The Saducees’ question

Having ruled in red ink
a line under life,
some Saducees ask their famous riddle
about the woman, seven times widowed;
the one which has caused
great rabbis and learned scribes
to stumble.
This self-styled teacher
from the northern extremes
should be easily ensnared
and made to look ridiculous.
But the teacher is already captive
to a glorious vision
of life in abundance;
a boundless gift
from a limitless and ever-living God.
Laughing at their keyhole view,
the teacher speaks of hope
and freedom
in the coming age of resurrection.
Soaring unconfined,
his truth mocks the Saducees’
pitiable attempts to enclose.
Rendered speechless,
there will be no more questions.

© Ken Rookes

Another poem responding to this story can be found here


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