Streams in the desert

 The wilderness and the dry land shall be glad, the desert shall rejoice and blossom…  Isaiah 35:1

Raise your voices, faithful people
as you tread with determination
the kingdom road.
The journey is long and uncertain,
some say foolish,
but it is the way of promise;
with glorious Zion
the destination, and its Lord as our home.
Journey with those whose ears
have been unstopped,
that they might hear the songs of the faithful.
Walk with those whose eyes
have been opened to see
the surprising defiance of desert blooms.
Travel in company with leg-leaping
comrades, no longer accepting
the sad label that declares them lame.
You shall not lose your way.
Formerly this was a land of despair,
despondently arid and dust dry desert.
Now, with newly opened eyes of faith
we see the joyful springs;
water flowing among green reeds and rushes;
sparkling with life and filled with hope.
© Ken Rookes

Another poem for the third Sunday in Advvent can be founf here.


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