Blessed are you who live
according to the yearnings of your souls,
not the evidence of your eyes.
Blessed are they who plant vineyards in their old age.
Blessed are those who are the masters of comfort,
and not its slaves.
Blessed are you who give and who will not stop.
Blessed is the one who leaves no scars upon the earth.
Blessed are they who carry their Lord’s scars
within their hearts.
Blessed is the one who listens for the Spirit’s deep sighs,
and trembles within.
Blessed are you who sing your comrades’ songs.
Blessed are they who sigh before beauty.
Blessed are you who allow yourself
to be broken by love.
Blessed are those who roar with anger,
who confront the unjust,
and those who wait with aching.
Blessed are the lonely, and those who befriend them.
Blessed is the one whose words encourage.
Blessed are you who will awaken from your sleep,
and you who will not.
Blessed are the children of Truth,
sons and daughters of Light.
Blessed are the shameless ones, unafraid to die.
Blessed are they, who, for joy,
dance among the stars.
Blessed are the defiant ones,
following the less-trod path.
Blessed are those who choose laughter over politeness
and peace ahead of fear.
Blessed are you who tell the great story
and dream righteous dreams.
Blessed is the pilgrim; travelling in hope
and coming near the kingdom.

© Ken Rookes
This poem is also found in my book, Promptings and Provocations.
199 poems plus relief prints, $20 + $4 p&p, Australia.


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