Six days later

With his introductory, Six days later,
Matthew follows Mark in sending us backwards
to his previous story;
with its talk of losing and finding one’s life.
A triumvirate of friends
accompanies their master up the mountain,
where the gentle swell of casual conversation
empties abruptly into a wave of light, awe and mystery.
Two glowing figures from their nation’s glorious past
emerge from among the rocks
to confer with the teacher,
while his companions look on, bewildered.
One of them, as clueless as his comrades,
feeling overwhelmed and useless,
offers his services in cubby-house construction,
before being rendered speechless,
as the luminous wave rolls into a cloud
of brightness that subsumes all other lights.
Not satisfied with dominating the visual realm
the cloud finds its voice
to declare the presence of a divine son,
and to command attention: Listen to him!
When he speaks of a discipleship
that deals with suffering, dying and rising,
and when he speaks of taking up crosses;
Listen to him!

© Ken Rookes 2014
Another poem for the Transfiguration can be found here.


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