Willowra Haiku

Willowra Haiku

Warlpiri children;
matchstick legs, wild and crazy,
nothing can stop them.
Leaves shining greenly
over white curved limbs and trunks;
sharp against blue sky.
Wandering freely
among the trees and grasses;
braying in the night.
Curious canines
squeeze cleverly through fences
to be shown the gate.
Bakes the bare red ground,
unrelenting through the day;
fading in the west.
Corrugated dust
blows red to the horizon
taking us closer.

Front seat passenger
nodding weary, eyes closing;
who will spot the cows?
White Brahman stands still,
raises her unconcerned head,
makes us drive around.
Yapa children climb
twisted limbs, probing hollows;
no chick is secure.
River filled with sand,
home to buried frogs, waiting;
will it come this year?
Sorry business camp;
seated in red dust, white ash,
wailing songs and tears.
When the rains have come
grass shoots quickly tall and green,
pollen makes me sneeze.
Children wander free,
no fences can constrain them;
mischief guaranteed.
Gecko of the night,
toes splayed in vertical grip,
darts across the screen.
© Ken Rookes 2014


4 thoughts on “Willowra Haiku

  1. I’ve taken time to appreciate your poem and website, thank you. I also recognise the shed and its surrounds. It made an impression on you, and of course on me. I feel honoured (but of course, also somewhat sad.) xx

    • Thanks, Beryl. I never get comments, and yours is the third today! I’m glad you appreciated the poem. The picture seems to me to represent my mind; you never know what might come in handy one day. Sorry for the sadness. Be blessed.

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