I typed “birthright”
into my search engine.
It took me straight to ebay.
There were hundreds of listings.
I restricted myself to auctions
that were ending over the next 24 hours.
Of all the varieties for sale only a couple
involved property, wealth and power;
these are much in demand,
people hang on to them.
I clicked on a big purple one with gold trim.
The bids were coming in at a fast rate;
my refresh button was unable to keep pace.
For a moment I was tempted.

There were birthrights of many sizes and shapes;
green and blue, mostly.
Quite a few were to do with
truth, courage, generosity and love.
I clicked on one; it was small,
but strangely beautiful. The Starting bid was $13.65,
and there were no current bidders.
“Why not?” I asked myself, and typed in $15.00.
My cursor hovered over the Place bid button,
and then I remembered that I already have one;
back home, in a cardboard box
on a high shelf in the guest room wardrobe.
I’m pretty sure it’s still there.

© Ken Rookes 2014


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