What are you looking for?

The same;
what everybody wants.

A sense that there might be purpose,
perhaps even a God;
who can say?

A belonging to somewhere,
or something.
some many.

An answer to the wonder;
and the beauty.

A settling with mystery;
sitting alongside,
accepting its peace.

Hope, in the face of uncertainty;
courage, in the face of fear.

A way to make the possible real;
to bring the justice home.

Someone to walk beside
on the track;
a partner in the seeking.

The same;
what everybody wants.

© Ken Rookes 2014

The first chapter of John’s gospel tells of Jesus’ call to follow him. First he calls two unnamed disciples of John the Baptist, (one of whom we later learn is Andrew, who tells his brother, Simon.) Jesus engages them with the question: “What are you looking for?”

In the reading for next Sunday, Jesus calls Phillip, who, in turn, tells his brother, Nathanael.

The question, “What are you looking for?” is a question asked of all who come to Jesus.


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