In Willowra
languorous donkeys make their way
along the paved roads and unsealed streets,
chomping on their grassy tucker.
They move at an easy pace.
Sometimes they stroll across invisible boundaries,
disturbing packs of proprietorial dogs
These rouse themselves from shaded slumber,
to dustily defend their family’s territory
by chasing the offending beasts away.
The two-legged inhabitants of this community,
unlike their canine companions,
mostly leave the donkeys alone.

Like all of their kind,
the donkeys of Willowra
prefer a quiet life.

In Bethpage, near Jerusalem,
the colt of a donkey was, for a time,
wrenched from its stillness
and prevailed upon to carry a man into the city.
The procession was noisy,
With flourished cloaks and branches
thrown excitedly upon the road
in front of the shy, equine creature;
all the way to the temple.
A few hours later it was all over.
The colt was dismissed
and allowed to return to his gentle ruminations.
For the man who rode him,
the ruckus had just begun.

© Ken Rookes 2015.


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