Don’t tell anyone

Keep it to yourself, this encounter;
this meeting with a miracle.
He who unstopped your ears
and loosed your tongue,
now directs you to tell no one.

Hey there, friend!
How come you can now hear and speak
when you couldn’t yesterday?
What do you mean, you can’t tell me?

It was never going to happen.
You’ll just have to make the best of it, Jesus.
The excited crowds, the adulation,
expectations and demands;
they come with the job.

The job also seems to generate
a growing pack of fierce opponents,
baying from fear,
and anxious;
lest their comfortable world be inverted.

Your adversaries are right to be concerned.
Should they dare to listen, it might be
that these, too, will be required to consider
the demands of love;
and do something about them.

Don’t tell anyone.

© Ken Rookes 2015.


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