Whoever is not against us is for us.

Jesus, the gospel-writers tell us,
was an all-in-together
type of person. Welcoming,
including, overlooking,
forgiving. Sharing bread,
drinking wine,
laughing, and enjoying the company
of his friends.

His followers, it has to be said,
have found this aspect of his personality
a little challenging.

His splendid work of gathering and embracing
was translated through the coming millennia.
These years of ecclesial consolidation
saw exorbitant quantities of energy and passion
directed towards separating and excluding;
in determining who is in and who is out,
who will get to heaven, (whatever that might be),
and who won’t.

Sort of missing the point;


© Ken Rookes 2015

The title of this poem is a direct quote from Mark’s gospel. It is often misquoted to reverse its meaning. Also quite missing the point!


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