The word of God came to John

There must have been a number of them;
words, that is,
that drifted through the ether
to lodge themselves in the cranium of the prophet.

Repent, for one, springs quickly to mind.
It is an unfriendly word,
strident and uncompromising,
articulating its ‘holier than thou’ attitude
of judgement. Perhaps necessary;
all the same.

Prepare is friendlier;
along with the request
that we actually do something.
Prepare tantalises with its sense of expectation.
Something big is about to happen;
something wondrous and unprecedented.

Borrowing some more words
from the processes of creation
the prophet gets down to business.
The mountains will be razed, he tells us,
and the valleys filled!
Geologically improbable,
at least on the time scale
to which the prophet is working.
How many hundred million years would we need?

Get excited!
the prophet’s hyperbole declares;
the Lord, (whoever he or she might be), is coming!
You may be present when she comes,
you may witness his arrival;
you may not,
but the hope embodied in this advent event
will be there for all humankind to see.
So get yourself ready.

© Ken Rookes 2015


One thought on “The word of God came to John

  1. Hi Ken,
    Finally have read your November poem, which is great. Humbled by the fact that the shed is obviously a favourite of your photography.

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