The people were filled with expectation

Our expectations are not high.
Should a prophet like John appear in our midst
to tell us how we should modify our lifestyles
so that the whole planet and all its people might benefit;
we would not listen.
We would dismiss him,
deny any truth in her message
and surround ourselves with clever people
to comfort and reassure us.
We would prefer, rather, that some Father Christmas fix-it-God
should descend from the heavens
with his big red bag of gifts for humankind
and sort everything out,
(world peace, climate change, terrorism, the poor,
domestic violence and such);
but most of us don’t really expect that to happen.
In the end we find ourselves reluctantly admitting
that the prophet might have been right,
and that change
and fruitfulness
and real hope
might have something to do with the serious work
of repentance.
But, then again . .


© Ken Rookes 2015


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