In Bethany: a haiku sequence.

Dinner for Jesus
in Bethany with his friends.
the end approaches.

Martha is serving,
Lazarus sits with Jesus,
Mary is Mary.

Mary takes perfume,
pure nard, big and costly;
pours on Jesus’ feet.

Feet are wiped with hair;
the house is filled with fragrance,
devotion and tears.

Here, too, is outrage.
“A years wages are wasted;
what about the poor?”

The poor need our help,
and so much more. Loving acts
demonstrate love’s truth.

“My death approaches;
her anointing is timely.
Let her be,” he says.

Mary’s wasteful gift
is received with gratitude
by one who knows love.


© Ken Rookes 2016

Try clicking on the video Leave her alone on the bar above.

The poem Leave her alone is found here

It is actually Here


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