Late in the ev’ning

Haiku of enquiry.

Late in the ev’ning,
when polite folk are sleeping,
Nicodemus comes.

Why is he hiding,
what secret does he conceal
in the dark of night?

What doubts are harboured,
to be kept from his colleagues,
lest they heap their scorn?

Value your doubting,
Nicodemus: your questions
are embraced by God.

Clasp the mystery,
fear not the uncertainty.
Doubt boldly, with faith!

Birthed in the waters
and through the Spirit as well;
enter God’s kingdom!

Through love you are born,
in love the Son comes to you.
It’s all about love!

Eternal the life
that is shaped by the Spirit;
this is salvation!


© Ken Rookes 2020


Haiku for followers

Sodium chloride,
commonly known as salt. What
to do without it?

Should salt lose its taste,
(an impossibility!)
it would be thrown out.

We are to be salt
imparting flavour and life
to an eager world.

Jesus came as light;
calling disciples to come
and reflect his life.

You too will be light
shining love into the dark.
Stand tall and shine bright.

He came to fulfil
the law, prophets; to correct
all the shortcomings.

Law has become dead,
none listen to the prophets;
hear what Jesus says.

In this present age
few listen to his teachings;
few there are who love.

They worship mammon
while the planet is burning.
They will not enter.


© Ken Rookes 2020


Haiku of the dawn

The light is dawning!
Image of hope and promise
for those in darkness.

What might the dawn mean
for those battling bushfires,
blanketed by smoke?

What might the dawn mean
for those whose home is sinking
beneath the ocean?

What might Jesus mean
to the poor, the wretched,
the vulnerable?

What might Jesus mean
to those cursed with riches, ease,
power and comfort.

Some fisher-people,
without much to leave behind
opt to go with him.

Discarding their nets
and all other cords that bind,
to follow the light.

He came to be light,
to bring hope, to conquer fear;
love begetting life.


© Ken Rookes 2020.

The changing of the guard


John was a prophet
who had his own disciples,
loyal, devoted.

Tradition tells us
that when Jesus took the stage
John moved to one side.

I am just a voice,
John said, One sent to prepare
the way for the Lord.

Dove-like, God’s Spirit
rests on him. He will immerse
you in his Spirit.

That one there, John said,
pointing to Jesus. That’s him,
The Lamb sent from God!

Two disciples heard,
took leave from the Baptiser,
and followed Jesus.

Jesus turned, asked them,
What is it you’re looking for?
Great question, Jesus!

What are you seeking?
What will fill your emptiness,
what will give you life?

Who do you follow?
Where do your commitments lie,
who will be your Lord?


© Ken Rookes 2020

Behind the Wire: They cannot take the sky

deliberations 2

The PDF file above is a series of three small group studies for churches. It coincides with the exhibition Behind the Wire: They cannot take the sky at Latrobe Gallery, View St Bendigo, between 17th February and the 28th March 2020.

Working with Bendigo Rural Australians for Refugees, I am making these studies freely available. Click on Deliberations 2 above.

Feedback always welcome!

It’s a beginning

Haiku for getting wet

In Jordan’s waters
John calls folk to turn to God
and baptises them.

Leave your sin behind
God’s kingdom is near at hand,
embrace God’s new way.

Leaving Galilee
and his quiet village life,
Jesus comes to John.

Jordan’s waters call;
Jesus comes to be baptised.
John is hesitant.

It’s a beginning,
says Jesus. Let’s do it right:
for now, baptise me.

Signs come from above,
as water pours from his brow.
A dove and a voice.

A retrospective
voice of divine approval,
from gospel writers.

In his baptism,
as in ours, the call to serve
and to live full true.

© Ken Rookes 2020

Keep awake, therefore.

Haiku for the vigilant

Things we do not know:
what lies around the corner,
what is to happen.

The days of Noah,
eating drinking, marrying;
just like us today.

Planet Earth is stuffed.
Should be taking to the streets,
not watching TV.

What price relevance?
The things we’re doing in church,
while the planet cooks.

Does the Lord return?
Will he come to fix things up?
Not holding my breath.

The thieves are coming!
Climate change deniers, all,
stealing the future.

On the far right, fools
posit an infinite earth.
Extinctions abound.

The party goes on,
so much fun! Don’t disturb us;
we don’t want to know.

We did not expect.
But no! They warn us: twelve years!
What if they are right?

Sleep on, you Christians.
Would God let these things happen?
Who else will stop them?


© Ken Rookes 2019