Haiku of the Spirit

Thirsty, dry and parched,
worn out and desiccated,
eager for a drink

At the festival,
interrupting proceedings,
he stood: Come to me!”

If you are thirsty,
come! Life renewing water
will flow deep within!

From the seeker’s heart
shall flow rivers of water,
living, Spirit-filled.

Rivers of water,
gushing strong, splashing with life,
and with the Spirit.

The Spirit will come;
open your eyes, you will see
what God is doing.

* * * * *

Can’t be a prophet,
they say he’s from Galilee.
Not prophet country!

© Ken Rookes 2020

Protect, keep them safe.

Haiku for persevering.

This eternal life
is given to all of you;
you who are my friends.

Life that’s full and true;
forget the hereafter, this
is eternal life.

The hour has come near,
we’re coming to the climax;
glorify your Son.

The work is finished,
well, almost. Shadows lengthen,
the darkness threatens.

You gave them to me,
I made your name known to them,
they have kept your word.

What are mine are yours;
when I am with them no more
hold them in your hand.

They remain earth-bound;
here they must live out their faith
with courage and love.

Protect them, Father;
let them be as one, just as
you and I are one.


© Ken Rookes 2020

Where is your sting?

Haiku of hope

Paul, persecutor
of the church, born out of time,
met the risen Christ.

I proclaimed to you
the good news about Jesus
and you received it.

I passed on to you
what I received; that Christ died,
was buried, and rose.

Christ appeared to them;
Peter, the twelve and many.
Finally to me.

He lives, don’t doubt it
and we all shall live, sharing
resurrection life.

Death, where is your sting?
Jesus looked you in the eye:
you’ve been defeated!


© Ken Rookes 2020

Posted in response to the Narrative Lectionary, 7th Sunday in Easter

But you will see me

Haiku of abiding

Prove that you love me,
you who are my disciples;
keep my commandments.

What was that command
that he gave to all his friends?
Something about love.

I’ll ask the Father.
He will send the Advocate;
with you for ever.

The Spirit of truth;
you know him, he is with you.
He will be in you.

Soon I will be gone,
the world will cease to see me,
but you will see me.

You, friends, will see me.
Life and love are found in me;
you also will live.

I in my Father,
you in me and I in you;
much shared indwelling.

Prove that you love me
by keeping my commandments.
Love will unite us.


© Ken Rookes 2020

In My Father’s House

Haiku of the Way

In my Father’s house
there are rooms for all of you;
put your trust in me.

I go on ahead
to prepare a place for you.
You will be with me.

Lord we do not know
where it is you’re going to;
What will be the way?

Friends, I am the way;
truth and life are found in me.
Come, meet my Father.

Show us the Father!
I’ve been with you all this time,
and you still don’t know?

Whoever sees me
sees the Father. My words and
works are from him.

Those who trust in me
will continue what I do,
even greater things!


© Ken Rookes 2020


Some rural haiku

Rural metaphors
abound in Jesus’ teachings.
This is an old one

The Lord is shepherd;
we find it in the Psalms, and
in Ezekiel.

There’s a few of them;
Jacob, Moses, Amos, Dave –
looking after flocks.

Good shepherd Jesus;
guide, protector of his flock,
knowing ev’ry sheep.

He is no stranger.
We know his voice, hear his words,
and we follow him.

Jesus is the gate,
through him we pass into life
in all its fullness.

Thieves and bandits still
speak tempting words; we must not
let them seduce us.

Good at pretending
they have our interests at heart,
but ripping us off.


© Ken Rookes 2020


Haiku for opened eyes

They did not know him,
the perplexed pair walking home
to Emmaus.

They’d heard the reports
from the women at the tomb;
struggled to believe.

The stranger listened,
then spoke to their confusion;
The Christ must suffer.

They pressed him to stay,
Come in and share some tucker.
They passed him some bread.

The recognition!
Then he was gone. They raced back
to Jerusalem.

Jesus, let us see
and recognise your presence
as we share the bread.

Let us see your face,
Lord; and journey as comrades
towards your kingdom.


© Ken Rookes 2020