He has a demon

Haiku for the family

Too busy to eat!
The crowd insist, make demands;
they press upon him.

His foes malign him.
They say he has a demon,
gone out of his mind.

His family, too,
are worried. They come to him,
try to take him home.

He gathers his friends,
laughs: a kingdom divided
surely cannot stand!

Take care what you say,
lest you blaspheme the Spirit
with your objections.

His mother arrives
with his brothers, calls him out.
He doesn’t respond.

Looking at the crowd
he asks, Who is my mother,
who are my brothers?

You are my mother
and my brothers, when you do
what God is asking!


© Ken Rookes. 2018


There are moments


There are moments

when the universe pauses.

Instants when galaxies cease their spiralling,

when the stars allow their subjects

to lengthen their orbits by a metre or two;

when the planets themselves

add a couple of seconds

to the intervals of their orbits.


There are moments when creation shivers

as the Almighty draws a cosmic bow

across its strings;

when the powers are confounded,

and the demons head for the abyss.

These are the times

when words grow crystal-clear

to reveal the skeleton of truth

hidden deep within;

when the voice of the prophet

is heard ringing, inescapable:

You are the one!


Ken Rookes.

Posting from Ti Tree in Central Australia. Limited Internet access, so making the best of it!