What have you to do with us?

Haiku of authority

At Capernaum
he entered the synagogue,
and taught the people.

They were astounded.
He spoke with authority;
most unusual.

A man most troubled,
(an unclean spirit, they said),
cried out in anguish.

His question was good:
What have you to do with us?
We wonder the same.

He does not answer.
Speaks firmly, commands silence,
casts the spirit out.

Now they are amazed.
His word has authority;
what’s its origin?

From where has he come?
The speculations mount up;
his fame increases.


© Ken Rookes 2018.


Doing the Father’s will.

Haiku for those who are called.

They came enquiring:
Who gave you authority
that you do these things?

He does not answer.
Was the Baptist sent from God?
he asks in return.

It is a stand-off.
They refuse to answer him;
he will not tell them.

Instead a story.
A father asks his two sons
to work the vineyard.

The first answers: No.
But later has second thoughts,
works among the vines.

The second says: Yes,
(to keep the old man quiet).
But he never fronts.

Which one, asks Jesus,
did the will of his father?
They reply: the first.

Stop your pretending!
How can you do what God wants
when you won’t listen?

The ratbag sinners,
who you dismiss as worthless,
believed what John said.

You still won’t believe.
These sinners go before you
into God’s kingdom.


© Ken Rookes 2017

He has Beelzebul

He has Beelzebul


Figures of controversy,
shocking and always out of line;
driven by outrageous thoughts
and foolish enough to give them voice.
The straights heap their scorn upon them,
call them names,
ridicule their ideas,
and hide their disquiet behind their mocking laughter.

This man breaks rules.
His words threaten our authority
not to mention good order;
same thing, really.
These teachings could upset everything.
What might happen to us, our nation, even our world,
should we allow generosity to prevail over fear,
forgiveness to overcome vengeance,
and love to rule them all?

Better to pull the shoot
than wait for it to grow to a tree.
We’ll tell everyone he has Beelzebul;
that should get things happening.
By the time we’re finished
his own family won’t want to know him.

© Ken Rookes 2015