Look at these stones

Haiku for upheaval

The physical realm
strides to the front: Look at me,
my beautiful stones!

Humankind built me
to honour God, or perhaps
for their own honour.

Not one of these stones
will remain standing, he said.
All will be thrown down.

The time is coming
when this temple is rubble,
and all it stands for.

When will these things be,
what will be the sign of them?
How can we prepare?

You cannot prepare.
There will be upheaval, wars
and dreadful portents.

They will arrest you,
lock you up, hand you over;
be ready to speak.

My words will be yours,
wisdom too. You will suffer,
some of you will die.

But you will endure.
I am with you, and your souls
are held in my hand.


© Ken Rookes 2019.

Birth Pangs

Haiku for a new order

Leaving the temple
the disciples were impressed;
like country cousins.

How big the stones are,
and look at the large buildings!
Nothing like back home!

Don’t be overawed!
These buildings, too are passing;
all will be thrown down.

The old religion
has failed. It will pass away.
Just like the temple.

When will these things be,
what will be the sign? they asked
when they were alone.

Don’t be led astray.
Mind my words, don’t trust any
who say, “I am he!”

You will hear of wars,
and strife among the nations;
do not be alarmed.

There will be famines
and natural disasters;
keep trusting in me.

These are the birth pangs
of God’s kingdom ruled by love;
it will surely come.

Old religion still
holds so many in its sway.
Let’s open our eyes!


© Ken Rookes 2018