Never any doubt

Haiku for the faithful.

Temptation stories:
will his mission be derailed?
Jesus is not swayed.

This devil fella,
who invited him into
these Gothic stories?

Angels and devils;
do they still make sense to us,
must we yet believe?

If you are God’s Son . . . ?
Great question! What quality
makes Jesus God’s child.

What makes me God’s child?
Is it that I am baptised,
or because I love?

The superpowers
hinted at in these stories;
will they capture him?

Or is he defined
by denial, declining
any privilege?

Refusing comfort,
and captive to his calling
he chooses his path.

Worship only God
and do what God requires.
The choice for us all!

© Ken Rookes 2020.

A lot of testing

He’s been doing a lot of testing
this devil fella.
Tried it on with Jesus.

What do you want? We can sort it for you.
Comfort? Wealth!
We’ll put you into the top ten percentile,
(that’s half of the nation’s wealth),
you won’t ever need to work again.
We can arrange some good tax breaks, too;
we’ve got some top-shelf accountants on our lists.

The film crew will be around in the morning.
You can relax, it’s been a long time since fame
was a function of achievement.
A small team of spin -doctors;
should be able to provide
the fifteen-second witticisms
needed to satisfy the media.
Twitter works well.

Power? Influence?

Bit too late to choose your school,
but you’ll find that your hitherto mentioned wealth
will go a fair way towards compensating
for your parents’ oversight.

Just a couple of principles; commit them to memory
and roll them off the tongue when called upon.
You’ve worked hard and deserve everything you’ve got.
You are a generous person,
but you can’t be held responsible
for other people’s failures.
It’s people like you who keep the economy ticking over;
they should be grateful.

There you go! What more could you want?
We’ll go ahead, then?

Did you say, No?


What’s God got to do with it?


© Ken Rookes 2019