Justice and Faith

Haiku for grabbing hold

Another story
from the story-telling man;
and more surprises.

The judge didn’t care
about the law, or people,
or what God wanted.

The judge was corrupt;
if you had enough money
you’d get your verdict.

She is a widow,
pestering, seeking justice;
the judge refuses.

She doesn’t give up,
keeps on with her bothering.
until he gives in.

She achieved justice,
grabbed it tight, not letting go.
God is easier.

Belonging to God,
day and night they are crying
for help, and it comes!

Justice is God’s work.
God’s people can be assured
it will be granted.

Justice and faith,
these two, beloved of God,
shaping God’s people.


© Ken Rookes 2019

On the edges

Haiku of inclusion

On the edges of
Samaria, Galilee,
where nobody goes.

North of Jerus’lem
Jesus meets with outcast men,
unclean, unwanted.

Ten lepers approached.
Keeping their distance they cried,
Have mercy, Master!

Go and show yourselves,
to the priests; they will confirm
that you are made clean.

As they make their way
their skin becomes clean and new.
One man turns around.

The Samaritan
falls rejoicing at his feet.
Jesus, I thank you.

Were not ten made clean?
One, alone, comes praising God;

Another surprise;
the foreigner commended
as a man of faith.

© Ken Rookes 2019

The size of a mustard seed

Haiku for the faithful

Increase our faith, Lord,
the apostles requested.
A silly question.

What’s the point of faith,
however big or tiny
unless it is used.

You don’t need much faith,
a mustard seed will suffice.
Just put it to use.

Even a schoolgirl
can make a real difference;
faith joined with courage.

Do not reward us
for doing what’s expected.
We do what we must.

We are worthless slaves.
We owe God everything;
thanks are not required.

What to do with faith?
Love, forgive, build justice, peace;
welcome the kingdom.

Look deeply within;
see the faith already there,
ready to wake up.


© Ken Rookes 2019

Before it’s too late

Timid, soft and fluffy
waving hands above anxious heads
Is this enough to get us into heaven?

My question,
impolite and unwelcomed:
What has this to do with faith?

The buzz, the feelgood;
it’s reassuring. God,
keep telling us that we’re okay.

Pray harder, louder, implore the almighty;
don’t do anything until the answer comes.

Don’t do anything,
it’s safer that way.
No mistakes.

If there is a God
she must be screaming.
Before it’s too late!

What was it he said?
Something about love, neighbours?
Before it’s too late.

Don’t count on his return
to bring healing to the planet.
It doesn’t work that way.


© Ken Rookes 2019

We stopped listening

Haiku for the respectable

We stopped listening
to Jesus some years ago.
His words were too hard.

We much prefer wealth
and power and influence.
We vote for Mammon.

We like the idea
of being known as Christians,
just not the method.

He said Love Neighbour
but failed to clearly define
the limits to love.

We believe in love.
We do our bit. The failure
must lie somewhere else.

We like the concept
of justice. We just don’t think
we should bear the cost.

One thing that he said:
The poor are always with you.
We agree with that.

Some people languish
behind gates and barbed wire.
Nought to do with us.

We do not much like
the idea of grace, unless
applied to ourselves.

We are deserving,
unlike the many who aren’t.
Jesus rewards us.

We are disciples,
following our Lord Jesus,
anchored to the ground.


© Ken Rookes 2018

Mulberry tree messiness

Haiku of insecure faith

Lord, increase our faith.
Why do you make this request?
You have all you need.

A mustard seed faith
would see you directing trees
and they would obey!

What a metaphor
for faith that is sufficient;
the uprooted tree!

Hail mulberry tree!
Generous red stickiness
and messy fingers.

You have faith enough
to tread discipleship’s path;
put it to good use.

Being uprooted,
with red mulberry tree faith
and sticky fingers.


© Ken Rookes 2016