The kingdom

Haiku of emerging abundance.

The kingdom of God!
A diff’rent reality,
strange, unexpected.

The seeds are scattered.
The sower gets on with life;
the seeds sprout and grow.

First the stalk, the head,
then the grain swells full and ripe,
and the harvest comes!

Take a mustard seed,
the tiniest of them all;
grows big for the birds.

The kingdom of God;
growing fruitful love, justice;
though we may not see.

Many parables,
riddles to confuse and hide;
his friends understand.

The kingdom of God;
When God rules in hearts and minds,
grace and love abound.


© Ken Rookes 2018


Community gardens haiku

Vigorous broad bean
growing tall, towards the sky;
someone let Jack know.

Recycled fences
divide earnest allotments,
uniting people.

Weeds the enemy,
compost and mulch our friends;
here is abundance.

A break from the rain;
the bees are out and about.
Fertility’s kiss.

Delicate blossom
or coarse white broad bean flower;
the bee doesn’t care.

Humble silverbeet
claims its garden corner place
and shines from the sun.


© Ken Rookes 2016

Hometowns are for leaving

Hometowns are for leaving,
with occasional returns
to visit family
and to catch up with friends.
On such occasions you will exchange warm greetings,
enquire after those absent
and share your stories.
You will try,
but you will find it hard to understand each other’s journeys.
How can you?
Too much has happened,
good and bad;
so many unexpected twists in the road.
All the surprises, disappointments,
challenges, triumphs and embarrassments;
you, and they, are no longer the same.

Nor was Jesus.
When he returned to his hometown
they would not receive him.
They could not understand
and they would not listen to his words.



© Ken Rookes 2015

Seeds are cast

Seeds are cast
to lie among earth’s dust,
tiny parcels of potential;
waiting for the clouds to gather.
Tears of anguish and compassion
to water the earth.

Suitably awoken,
some seeds sprout,
putting forth leaves of promise.
Buds form
and open into flowers. Behold:
beauty, colour and wonder

to welcome insects of pollination;
the wind too.
Fruits are set,
bringing fertile anticipation,
and swelling to the generous ripeness
of maturity.

Then comes the harvest
and the rejoicing.
And with all this abundance,
fulfilment, kingdom,
fruitfulness, uncertainty
and hope.

© Ken Rookes 2015.

After the rain


After the rain came,

the bare patches of earth

dressed themselves

in beards of green; offspring

of the thousands of seeds

which the lawn had prudently

placed in reserve

for just such an occasion.



with seeds hidden deep,

we yearn for the green shoots

of the inevitable kingdom

that Jesus assured us

is only a shower away.

So we wait for the Spirit

to drench the earth.


© Ken Rookes

This one’s been around for a while. Hope you find it useful.


Way back behind the jar

of rusty screws

we find the dust-covered

seed pack: Yates, Grosse Lisse,

plant before December1995.

Might be a bit late.


At the centre

of the created universe,

deep within each living molecule

a seed has been planted.

Buried in the cold darkness

a tiny parcel of potential

holding its divine dna,

splendid and auriferous, quietly

anticipating the promised rain

and the word of assent

that will permit it to sprout.

The smallest gesture of warmth

may be enough.

Then will come a burst

of hope-saturated life

to break through indifferent soil;


growing and becoming.

With time, care and steadfast striving

much long-sought fruit can be produced.


Within each soul, a seed, scattered,

sown by the one who creates;

the rain is gifted by the Spirit,

but the word of assent

must come from ourselves.

Never too late.


© Ken Rookes 2012