This is the Spirit of Truth

Haiku of promise

Spirit, advocate,
mystery God at our side;
within and without.

Spirit of truth who
abides in each open heart;
gift from the Father.

Spirit of Jesus;
among us, unseen presence,
sharing risen life.

Divine indwelling;
the Son in the Father,
the Spirit in us.

It’s all about love;
thus the Spirit recalls us
to Jesus’ commands.

You who follow me
will prove it,
Jesus told them.
Love will be the sign.

I will be with you,
I will show myself to you;
we will dwell in love.


© Ken Rookes 2017

But how will I know?

My eyes, my mind and my heart,
I like to believe, are open.
But when the Spirit of truth comes,
how will I know?
Perhaps she has already come.

She will, I assume, speak to me of Jesus
and his teachings; telling of love
and generosity, of justice and defiance,
of courage, anger, compassion and peace.

I am emboldened, and challenged
to join with my sisters and brothers
and pray: Come, Holy Spirit!
But when she comes;
how will I know?


© Ken Rookes 2016

But you cannot bear them now

Spirit of Truth, Advocate:
you see all things,
know all things.
Reveal it,
show us; but not too much.
Open our eyes and let us see;
but, if you don’t mind,
keep hidden those things
that might cause anxiety
or shame.

You know what we can bear;
just a little for now.
A single LED rather than a floodlight.
There are scenes we would rather not view,
stories we would rather not hear.
Tales of suffering and cruelty
of which we prefer to remain ignorant.
Injustices, that, intruding into our pleasant reality,
might impel us into action
or compel us to change.

It’s not that we lack courage
to take on the many things,
but one at a time;
if that’s all right.

© Ken Rookes 2015


The essential otherness,

named by many as God,

having been credited

with the creative endeavour, generosity and love

out of which the planet is born and renewed,

once breathed life into the nostrils

of a figure sculpted from earth’s dust;

or so the ancient story tells us.

A man called Jesus,

sometimes designated child of God

and touched wildly by the spirit,

once re-enacted that mythical event;

at least according to another,

slightly less-ancient, narrative.

Coming unexpectedly

among a group of frightened and uncertain friends, 

he pursed his lips and blew gently

upon their puzzled faces

with his spirit-breath invitation:

to live generously,

to love with passion, and,

drawing upon their reserves

of courage, grace and vulnerability,

to address the planet’s plaintive plea

for justice, hope and peace.


Or to at least make a start.



© Ken Rookes 2014


The door will be opened

God’s presence with humankind
is imaged in the New Testament
by the gift of the Holy Spirit
who gently whispers deep into our dreamings
and speaks into our silences.
Not one will be left alone,
no-one will be without the Spirit’s
companionship as they journey
towards the kingdom.                        
Let your eyes be opened
to see where the Spirit is at work,
renewing a struggling creation.
Tune your ears to the soft voice
calling all creatures into relationships
of harmony and cooperation.
Let your hearts be opened
to all the Spirit-possibilities
of grace and reconciliation.
Every day, with each breath and heartbeat,
may your soul quicken and your mind take notice
of wondrous presence and mystery;
a wind of change, disturbing  but generous,
joyfully enlivening our spirits
and those of all who ask,
search and knock.
© Ken Rookes 2013


God’s Spirit tugs, sometimes,
at others she tears at my insides,
saying: Come.
Come from this place of weary comfort
and grey coldness,
where the living is by halves
and sweet sameness cloys;
where edges are dull,
and blunted living safe;
where contentment is exalted and worshipped
and adventure and uncertainty
are disdained and distrusted.
Come to where life is sharp
and uneasy, the aching is strange,
and nakedness honest.
Let surprise and unexpected
delight warm your depths.
I promise you
there will be friendship to match the pain,
joyful wonder to accompany fear’s uncertainty,
and much tear-soaked love.
let rushing wind
and Pentecost fire be your home.
© Ken Rookes

The first day

The first day


The first day of the week;
a new week, a new lifetime.
The newly-raised Jesus
breathes upon his surprised followers
a Spirit, most Holy;
who gathers them up and blows them
irresistibly into an unexpected future.
A breeze of gentle change, sometimes,
or revolution’s blast;
a quiet whisper of forgiveness,
affirming the unworthy,
a blast of indignation
challenging the powerful
and calling the unjust to repent.
These emboldened friends
will continue love’s work;
borne on the wind,
gusting unconstrained.

© Ken Rookes