Haiku of the Spirit

Thirsty, dry and parched,
worn out and desiccated,
eager for a drink

At the festival,
interrupting proceedings,
he stood: Come to me!”

If you are thirsty,
come! Life renewing water
will flow deep within!

From the seeker’s heart
shall flow rivers of water,
living, Spirit-filled.

Rivers of water,
gushing strong, splashing with life,
and with the Spirit.

The Spirit will come;
open your eyes, you will see
what God is doing.

* * * * *

Can’t be a prophet,
they say he’s from Galilee.
Not prophet country!

© Ken Rookes 2020

But you will see me

Haiku of abiding

Prove that you love me,
you who are my disciples;
keep my commandments.

What was that command
that he gave to all his friends?
Something about love.

I’ll ask the Father.
He will send the Advocate;
with you for ever.

The Spirit of truth;
you know him, he is with you.
He will be in you.

Soon I will be gone,
the world will cease to see me,
but you will see me.

You, friends, will see me.
Life and love are found in me;
you also will live.

I in my Father,
you in me and I in you;
much shared indwelling.

Prove that you love me
by keeping my commandments.
Love will unite us.


© Ken Rookes 2020

In My Father’s House

Haiku of the Way

In my Father’s house
there are rooms for all of you;
put your trust in me.

I go on ahead
to prepare a place for you.
You will be with me.

Lord we do not know
where it is you’re going to;
What will be the way?

Friends, I am the way;
truth and life are found in me.
Come, meet my Father.

Show us the Father!
I’ve been with you all this time,
and you still don’t know?

Whoever sees me
sees the Father. My words and
works are from him.

Those who trust in me
will continue what I do,
even greater things!


© Ken Rookes 2020

We are born, we die.

Haiku of joy and sorrow

Near Jerusalem,
Bethany, place of welcome;
Martha and Mary.

Brother Lazarus
is ill. They send for Jesus.
He doesn’t hurry.

Twelve hours of daylight,
nobody needs to stumble
if they see the light.

Lazarus is dead.
Much grieving with many tears;
Jesus weeps with them.

Your brother will rise.
I am the resurrection.
Trust in me, and live

Yes, Lord, I believe
that you are the Messiah,
the Son sent from God.

Mary comes and kneels.
If only you were here, Lord,
he would not have died.

We are born, we die.
Cycles of joy and sorrow;
we all must face death.

It’s overrated,
bodily resurrection;
there’s a time to die.

Jesus prefigures
his own dying and rising,
raises Lazarus.

© Ken Rookes 2020

Difficult words

Haiku of offence.

Eating and drinking,
taking my life deep within;
they abide in me,

They will always live,
nor will their deeds be forgot,
alive in God’s heart.

Difficult teachings,
who can accept them? Even
disciples struggle.

From the spirit comes
true life; the flesh is useless.
Believe in my words.

Many disciples
turned back. His words were too hard,
the way was too tough.

He questioned the twelve:
Do you also wish to leave,
is it all too hard?

Where else can we go?
said Peter. Your words are life;
you have come from God.


© Ken Rookes 2018

The bread of life

Haiku for those who need to be fed

The Johanine Christ
calls himself the bread of life;
much consternation.

Is this not Jesus,
the son of the carpenter?
Claims to come from God!

The Father sent me,
and he draws many to me;
I will raise them up.

Learn from the Father
and come to me. I’ll show you
how to truly live.

Your ancestors ate
wilderness bread from above;
death still embraced them.

I am living bread.
Eat of me, receive my life;
you need never die.

Heaven’s living bread,
bread that gives life to the world:
this bread is my flesh.


© Ken Rookes 2018

Give us this bread

Haiku for those who hunger.

The crowd found some boats
and crossed the lake to find him,
at Capernaum.

Is it for the signs
or because you ate your fill
that you’re seeking me?

Food that perishes
is worthless; the Son of Man
gives the food that lasts.

His food leads to life.
His word brings life eternal;
God’s seal rests on him

They asked for a sign,
that they might have faith in him.
Like the desert bread.

In the wilderness
your forebears ate God’s manna;
this too, did not last.

The true bread from God
comes from heaven to the earth,
gives life to the world.

Give this bread to us,
they said, not really knowing
what it is they ask.

I am living bread.
Come, you need never hunger,
nor do you need thirst.


© Ken Rookes 2018