Haiku in the night

Haiku in the night;
tapping out the syllables
with patient fingers.


© Ken Rookes 2018


Hiding in the night

Haiku for the timid but curious.

Hiding in the night,
Nicodemus comes, seeking
answers from Jesus.

We have been impressed
by the things you’ve said and done;
God must be with you.

Truly I tell you,
if you would see the kingdom
you must be born anew.

Many years have passed
since I emerged from the womb;
can I repeat this?

Flesh gives birth to flesh.
You are spirit; from Spirit
your true life will come.

The Spirit-wind blows,
moving swift with mystery.
Be born of Spirit

You speak of wonders,
teacher. I don’t understand;
how can these things be?

Listen to my words
and receive them, they are life.
Lift your eyes, and see.


© Ken Rookes


Late at night we become emboldened
and allow deep-within doubts
to glimpse, as it were,
the light of day.

So the teacher of Israel comes
in darkness to talk with the man
whose words glimmer
like a lake beneath a full moon.

A staccato celebration of questions,
a shimmer of provocations,
gleaming surprises,
and glistening affirmations;

of sparkling water, rushing wind,
and life.

© Ken Rookes

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The early-hour low rumblings
of B-doubles passing the edge
of the Broken Hill caravan park
are interspersed by the intrusive sounds
of distant caterwauling.
The flimsy canvas of our camper-trailer
provides no effective barrier
to the wailings of the smug creatures
desperate to advertise their proximity
and hoping to find partners to their lusts.
Disapproving dogs
offer their puritanical barkings
to command the cats’ silence.
The canines rule,
but only for a moment;
the needs are insistent.

© Ken Rookes 2012